Elementor Pro: Pricing & Review in 2023

Elementor Pro is the WordPress plugin that has revolutionized the world of page builders, allowing users to create a website straightforwardly and intuitively, quickly and…

Date: Friday, Apr 21

Elementor Pro is the WordPress plugin that has revolutionized the world of page builders, allowing users to create a website straightforwardly and intuitively, quickly and without the help of complex programming languages.

Many consider it the best WordPress page builder in 2023, but will it be so? What are its main features? What about the differences with the free version?

In this review, I will reveal everything there is to know about Elementor Pro: we will see how to install it, its main features, its advantages and disadvantages, package pricing and possible alternatives.

Read on to find out!

What is Elementor Pro?

Elementor Pro (here is the official website) is currently the leading WordPress page builder. Thousands of bloggers, digital agencies, businesses, and web designers worldwide use it.

The company that runs Elementor (Elementor Ltd.) is an Israeli software company founded in 2016, which initially released only a free version of the page builder. Then, after 6 months, it also released the paid version (Elementor Pro).

Elementor Pro Template

Elementor’s growth was incredible and unprecedented, as the page builder quickly reached one million installations, and by 2020 it reached over 5 million active users, surpassing all its main competitors and effectively becoming the number one tool for creating pages with WordPress.

What favored the emergence of Elementor was the power of this tool and its immediacy and ease of use. Thanks to the drag-and-drop function (drag-and-drop), it is, in fact, effortless to create a website without the need to know programming languages or has particular design skills.

Full Marketing has been a proud Elementor Pro customer since 2018: we use this tool to create multiple websites for several clients.

Elementor Pro vs Elementor Free

Elementor was initially conceived as a simple editor and landing page maker. Still, then it evolved, making the transition that led it to become an actual website builder through which you can create and modify all the most essential parts of your WordPress site: header, footer, navigation bar, widget, template for articles, and archives, popup window and much more.

The free version of Elementor is excellent and very functional: you can download it directly from the WordPress directory or the official website. It represents the best free page builder for WordPress in 2023.

Likewise, to access the full potential of Elementor, such as the theme builder, the graphic templates already preset, popups, and hundreds of widgets to create the pages of your website, you must purchase the Pro version, which you find here.

Elementor Pro: the features

Elementor Pro is the best solution for every marketer, copywriter, blogger, and web designer using WordPress who wants to build and manage their websites without installing dozens of plugins.

Elementor pro features

The paid version of Elementor gives you access to unique advanced features, which would typically require a separate plugin or a particularly sophisticated premium WordPress theme:

Header and footer builder

Thanks to Elementor Pro, you can create and customize the header and footer of each page of your website. In addition, you can select the sticky header functionality, thus keeping the top bar header ( ) visible while scrolling the page.

More than 300 blocks and templates per page

Elementor Pro allows you to access an extensive library of templates and blocks that will be very useful for creating and customizing your pages, your articles, and your home page, so you can create a complete and professional page with a single click, importing a ready-made template and then making just a few changes to adapt it to your needs!

Templates for articles and archives

Usually, you need to buy an excellent WordPress theme to customize templates for articles, archives, author pages, or even 404 pages (what automatically appears to your website visitors when they end up on a page that doesn’t exist); hire a good programmer. With Elementor Pro, all this is no longer necessary, as thanks to it, you can now effortlessly create beautiful custom templates to use wherever you want on your website.

Functionality for e-commerce sites

With Elementor Pro, managing and creating an e-commerce website will be very simple. The add-on is fully compatible with WooCommerce and provides many additional widgets, such as those for the price list or the table with the price.

Marketing functionality

If you want to make a sales page more attractive, it is helpful to insert elements such as reviews, testimonials, or timers/countdowns, which push visitors to purchase as soon as possible. Elementor Pro has thought of everything and allows you to integrate all the necessary marketing features into your sales pages in a simple and captivating way.

Custom pop-up windows

With Elementor Pro, you can create some fantastic pop-ups for your visitors. You can choose in detail all the display conditions and the pages on which a specific pop-up window should be visible.

Contact subscription form and newsletter

Thanks to Elementor Pro, you can create and insert a contact or newsletter subscription form on every website page and integrate it seamlessly with Active Campaign, MailChimp, or any other email marketing software – it’s a terrific convenience!

Premium support

The paid version of Elementor offers priority support to its customers. For any problems with your website design, you can count on quick intervention from Elementor’s support team, even on holidays.


Recently, Elementor started offering hosting services to its customers. Purchasing the appropriate plan means you can create a website fully hosted on Elementor’s servers. This solution goes even further to simplify the creation and management of a website.

Elementor Pro: advantages and disadvantages

I’ve already convinced you that Elementor Pro is the best page builder on the market and a tool that no marketer, blogger, company, or web agency should do without. In any case, Elementor’s advantages don’t end here.

Its developers did a perfect job which leaves no room for criticism and satisfies all types of users, from beginners to more experienced ones. Below, I made you a list of what I think represents the natural strengths of the add-on and that, in the last few years, have confirmed to me again and again that it is the right decision to buy the Pro version:

Excellent speed

A common problem with many page builders is that they greatly slow down their website, slow it down, and increase page load times – I can confirm that this does not happen with Elementor Pro, as pages built with this tool stay light and load in no time!

SEO positioning

Another risk that runs with page creators is “blurring” their pages’ code, making it difficult to position the content in search engines. Instead, the code created by Elementor Pro is straightforward and linear. It is acceptable for the SEO positioning of your pages, including the articles that you will decide to make entirely with Elementor.


To stay efficient, tidy, fast, and functional, a website created with WordPress should have as few plugins as possible – thanks to Elementor Pro, you won’t have to install those dozen plugins you would typically need to create a professional website! For example, you won’t need a pop-up, newsletter subscription, commenting, or social sharing plugin.

Pro Tip: You won’t need a theme, as Elementor allows you to create themes from scratch.


The pages, sections, pop-ups, and templates you create with Elementor are yours. You can save them, duplicate them, insert them anywhere you want, export them, import them, and use them on other websites. Elementor Pro simplifies your life!

It is also necessary to highlight one of the disadvantages of Elementor Pro. It lies in the difficulty of creating articles over 2000 words since, in these cases, your site’s performance may need to improve compared to usual standards. However, this is not a severe disadvantage, as it does not hinder content creation but only slows down its reproduction.

Advantages of Elementor Pro

  • Extensive functionality package
  • Lightweight and fast pages
  • SEO friendlyWorks as a site builder
  • Hundreds of templates included
  • No. 1 page builder in the world
  • Pricing in line with the competition.

Disadvantages of Elementor Pro

  • Not suitable for creating long articles.

Elementor Pro Pricing

Elementor has subscriptions for web hosting and those who want to purchase only its Pro version. Here I show you the available packages:

Web hosting pricing

Elementor recently updated its subscription plans, presenting the critical innovation of hosting included at a completely affordable price.

elementor wordpress hosting pricing

So, if you are interested in using Elementor Pro on a single website, you will have to make this essential first decision between:

Basic Plan:

All the features of Elementor Pro for a single website and hosting service of up to 10 GB, the ability to receive up to 25K visitors per month, and 30 GB of monthly bandwidth. The price is $120 per year.

Business Plan:

Allows the installation of Elementor Pro and the hosting of a WordPress website. It also expands memory to 20 GB, increasing web traffic to 50K per month and bandwidth to 50 GB per month. All this for a price of $240 per year.

Pro Tip: Elementor recommends this plan if you want to create an eCommerce.

Grow Plan:

It is ideal if you need to install Elementor Pro and a hosting service for 2 or 3 websites. With this in mind, Elementor expands the memory to 50 GB, the capacity to receive traffic up to 75K per month, and the bandwidth goes up to 75 GB per month.

Scale Plan:

This plan is best for agencies or corporations with multiple websites, as it supports up to 10 websites and offers 40 GB of storage, 100K visits per month, and 100 GB of bandwidth. This package costs $600 per month.

Page builder plugin pricing

Those who are not interested in the included hosting solution, but want to use Elementor Pro on more than one website, have 4 plans to choose from:

Elementor pro pricing


The perfect option is if you have a single website; its cost is $59 per year.


Excellent for 3 websites, and its cost is $ 99 per year.


Great for 25 websites for as low as $199 per year.


It allows you to install on up to 1000 websites, costing $399 annually.

Pro Tip: The Expert plan, with 25 websites included, is sufficient for most entrepreneurs and digital businesses. However, some web agencies that develop websites for their clients can take advantage of the Agency plan. Also, it is possible to switch from one plan to another at any time, paying the difference.

Alternatives to Elementor Pro

Replacing Elementor Pro, the best page builder for WordPress, is a challenging task. However, so many notable tools are worth mentioning, including Divi Theme and Beaver Builder.

Elementor Pro: reviews

After testing several page builders at Full Marketing, we consider Elementor Pro at the top of the world ranking of the best page builders for WordPress.

Elementor pro review de TrustPilot

And I’m not the only one who thinks so! Above, I show the reviews and opinions about Elementor Pro, written by individual users or agencies that have used it and continue to use it.

Full Marketing Agency’s score about Elementor Pro

At Full Marketing, we use Elementor Pro many times with our clients, and we consider it the most sophisticated WordPress plugin for creating websites, allowing you to develop modules, posts, WooCommerce, cursors and more graphically. Here you can check the overall score:

Elementor Pro Rating
Customer Support
Quality-price ratio

Furthermore, it is necessary to highlight that, due to the multiple advantages and quality of Elementor Pro, we have become one of its affiliates in Full Marketing. If you purchase any of its plans through our links, we will get a commission for the sale.


In this review of Elementor Pro, I have touched on the essential points that I consider most important of this plugin.

If you have come this far, I don’t need to tell you that Elementor is, without a doubt, one of the best page builders on the market and that, given the policy of opening the development to third parties, it will become more and more standard and richer in widgets and functionalities.

What do I think of Elementor? I have used it a lot over the years, and my favorite is building WordPress sites and landing pages. Between the dozens of widgets, extensions, and plugins developed by third parties that it offers, the possibilities are endless.

If you don’t have much budget to invest and no special needs, you can start testing the basic plugin and any third-party extensions. If, on the other hand, you want to start directly with the pro version, you can start from here.

What about you? What do you think of Elementor? Do you know of better alternatives? Let me know in the comments.

Frequently Asked Questions

Elementor Pro is the most powerful page builder currently available for WordPress. You can design web pages without knowing even one line of code and customize 100% the look and feel of your entire website.
Elementor Pro is worth what you pay, which is why it is the favorite complement of companies when creating websites. It is because this tool allows you to create professional and quality websites simply without having advanced programming knowledge.
Elementor Pro offers numerous additional features compared to Elementor Free, such as contact modules, premium blocks, premium templates, pop-up windows, template builders, header and footer builders, e-commerce features, and more.
You can purchase Elementor Pro for a single website at $59 per year. If you're interested in using it on multiple sites, you'll need to subscribe to one of the higher subscription plans, which are between $99 and $399 per year. Find all the Elementor pricing information on this page.
To install Elementor Pro, you must first have installed on your website the free version of the page builder (found in the WordPress directory, like all other plugins). Then, you must purchase a license for Elementor Pro (you can do it here), download the plugin, upload it manually to WordPress, and enter your license.
What are the main alternatives to Elementor Pro? Some main alternatives to Elementor Pro are Beaver Builder, Divi Builder, Thrive Architect, Visual Composer, and WP Bakery.

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