Divi Theme Pricing & Review in 2023

Welcome to the Divi WordPress theme review! In this article, you will see in-depth how the Divi theme created by Elegant Themes works. You’ll also…

Date: Saturday, May 13

Welcome to the Divi WordPress theme review! In this article, you will see in-depth how the Divi theme created by Elegant Themes works. You’ll also find out its features and how to use it. We’ll evaluate the pricing and give you our opinion on this popular WordPress theme.

First things first, Divi is, of course, an extremely famous all-in-one theme. Part of this popularity should be attributed to Elegant Themes being the most popular independent WordPress theme marketplace. It makes sense that Divi, their flagship product, is well known.

But aside from that, the Divi theme for WordPress is impressive and very powerful. It packs a lot of features and offers in a very user-friendly package (even for those new to web design).

This user-friendly and self-taught nature is its main strength. But we’ll get to that in this full Divi theme review.

What is the Divi theme?

Divi is a fully functional and simple WordPress theme. It doesn’t need any special installation procedures beyond what you would do with any other WordPress theme.

Likewise, you don’t need any coding experience or website design knowledge to use it. Most of the customization is available through a convenient and elegant user interface.

So, you can perform most of the customizations directly on the front end. It means that you get a real-time preview of all the changes you make to your website.

Creating a Divi website from scratch

On the other hand, Divi allows you to create virtually any design imaginable using the same theme. The Elegant Theme team designed the Divi WordPress theme with self-taught beginners in mind. Everything from the setup to the interface and how you can take care of updates later on, is designed so that even a beginner can learn quickly.

Pro Tip: Being able to create any layout is the main feature of an all-in-one theme. The Divi theme doesn’t have a dedicated layout per se; it doesn’t impose any design or style on you but allows you to optimize things to your liking through its numerous options panels.

Divi vs Elementor and Beaver Builder

Another thing worth noting is how Divi compares to other page builders, particularly Elementor or Beaver Builder.

After all, the Divi theme is a complete solution for WordPress than Elementor or Beaver Builder because it is an all-in-one solution.

You need a different WordPress theme to work with Elementor or Beaver Builder. Ultimately, you will likely have a base theme that acts as a shell and hosts your pages built by Elementor or Beaver Builder.

That’s why Divi is more convenient for most people starting in web design. Since it has advanced page builder functionality and is a default theme, you won’t need any additional themes to make it work.

How does Divi theme work?

Since Divi is a premium theme, you can’t download it through the WordPress.org theme directory. Instead, you must go to the Elegant Themes site, join the club and download the theme’s ZIP file.

Once you have the ZIP file, install it like any other theme through the panel under Appearance → Themes → Add New → Upload Theme.

Once the installation is complete and the theme is active, you can configure the main settings. For this, Divi has its menu in the primary sidebar, where you can find the link to the settings control panel:

Divi Theme Options

Pro Tip: There are many options to configure, but if you want to save time configuring all that now, you don’t have to. You can leave the default settings and start designing.

Creating a home page with Divi Theme

The best way to get familiar with Divi is to create a new home page for your website. That’s what I will do in this Divi for WordPress review.

First, you must create a blank page and assign it as the home page under Settings → Reading. Then, you proceed to edit the page with Divi Builder.

The way the visual page builder part of Divi works is very similar to other solutions on the market, such as Beaver Builder or Elementor.

Divi page organization structure

The content of your page is composed of sections. These contain one or more rows, in which columns are added where you can insert one or more modules.

It could sound more complex, but it is easy to understand once you start working with Divi. Here I show you an example page structure where you can see all the essential elements: sections, rows, and columns:

Divi theme structure

Manipulating all those sections, rows, and columns is how you build a page with the Divi theme.

Divi Builder

To get started, edit your home page and click the “Use Divi Builder” button. It will launch the visual Divi builder. At this stage, there is not much, but everything will change in a second.

To simplify the preliminary steps, you can choose from the available layouts supplied with Divi. You can load them by clicking on the “…” and “+” icons at the bottom of the last screen and see the next:

Divi Theme Templates

Likewise, importing the layout from the Divi library works very well. Just click on the desired layout, select “Use this layout on the next page,” and it will import the template in seconds.

Pro Tip: Another exciting feature at the bottom of the page is the device preview toolbar.

Device Switching Toolbar

With it, you can switch the preview window between desktop, tablet, and phone views. In addition, you can zoom in and out to see the entire page from above.

Divi Theme preview

You can use the same toolbar to switch to wireframe view, which focuses more on the sequence of content blocks on your page and their configuration rather than their aspects. It can be helpful when working on a more extensive page.

Likewise, this is intuitive and leaves no room for doubt when using the main builder interface. You can hover the mouse pointer over any element, and the available options will appear automatically.

The Divi editor on mouse over

You can also click on any text block you see on the page and edit it directly. You can use all the standard text editing tools (bold, italics, quotation marks, font size, etc.).

As for individual lines and sections, you can freely realign them by simply selecting one and dragging it into position. But of course, it’s not just about modifying an existing layout; there’s much more to it.

Divi Theme Builder

Theme Builder can apply a global header, body, and footer to multiple areas of your website. It’s a great way to duplicate a design you’ve created throughout your website or parts of it.

Divi Theme Builder Library

With the Divi Theme Builder, you can create as many Divi templates as you want and apply them to different areas of your WordPress site.

For example, you can apply a header and footer to pages, others to your blog, and others to specific posts and pages.

Setting up Divi Theme Builder Templates

Divi is also compatible with the WordPress customizer. You can change headers, footers, navigation menus, and more. Here you can find different settings like colors, borders, and spacing.

Divi Theme Customizer

To what extent you can change the design of your website using the WordPress theme customizer depends on how you have built your site. However, most elements within the main content area (i.e., the body of the page) should be changed using the Divi Builder.

Pro Tip: To better understand how to create unique layouts and customize your designs, check out the Divi demo page from Elegant Themes.

Other exciting features of the Divi Theme

As I mentioned, the main strength of the Elegant Themes product is that it is an all-in-one solution for creating websites. I have already listed some of its main features, but I want to give you a complete list so that you can take into account the features it includes before buying it:

  • It allows you to design and build your site in real time with a live preview of everything you do.
  • Everything you see on the page is customizable.
  • Text editing is done just like in a Word document.
  • Divi layouts are optimized for mobile.
  • You can use multiple sections, rows, columns, and content elements.
  • Divi comes with more than 20 predefined layouts ready to use.
  • You can save layouts and export/import them on other sites.
  • You can save your global elements, which is helpful if you have something you want to use multiple times on the site.
  • Almost everything is drag and drop.
  • Finally, the library of available content elements is awe-inspiring.
  • You can do A/B testing in case you’re on the fence about which specific text block you should use on your home page; you can use both and see which converts better.
  • Divi is also translated into 32 languages, including RTL languages.

What do you think of all this?

How easy is Divi to use?

Because Divi is so feature-rich, building a website from scratch can be intimidating. However, you can always import one of the ready-made designs and try modifying it first. Then, once you understand how things work, you can easily create the page you want.

That said, Divi itself is a great software product. And, as such, there is a lot to discover before you can call yourself a true Divi pro.

In short, I would say that the learning curve for Divi, is non-existent if you just want to build a nice looking site, but increases in complexity as you want to add functionality to your website and proceed to implement the modules that Divi offers.

How much does Divi by Elegant Themes cost?

The Divi theme is a premium product, but the pricing model is very original. Basically, instead of buying just the theme, you buy access to Elegant Theme’s entire catalog of themes and plugins.

Divi Theme Pricing

Fortunately, it’s not that expensive. Currently, the subscription is available in two versions:

Divi theme pricing

Yearly access

This subscription costs $89 per year and gives you access to all Divi theme features for this price, which is pretty good if you are starting and don’t feel confident using the Divi theme over time for your project.

Lifetime Access

It is the perfect plan when you’ve already decided to use Divi for your project. It costs $249, is a one-time payment, and gives you access to the Divi theme with all its features and updates for life.

So which one to choose, is it worth it? Well, that depends on your needs and expectations from a WordPress theme.

As for which plan to choose, if you’re undecided and want to try out the Divi theme to see if it’s what you want for your website, I’d start with the yearly option, which is cheaper. But, if you like the theme and feel really comfortable with it, the one-time payment model is definitely for you, as it will be a good deal in the long run.

Pro Tip: Both license types allow you to use it to create unlimited websites with WordPress.

Advantages of Divi Theme

Among the benefits of the Divi theme, I want to highlight the following:

  • One of the critical points of Divi is that it is incredibly customizable and can serve any purpose you can imagine.
  • Divi allows you to create a website from start to finish, without any knowledge of code or without hiring a designer to help you.
  • There are many exciting designs to choose from, and all of them are there waiting for you, with their respective examples.
  • Even if you change the direction of your site in the future, you will still be able to use the same theme. For this reason, Divi is a good investment.
  • Divi works as a theme and a page builder at the same time; this is what makes it versatile.

Disadvantages of Divi Theme

It is challenging to find disadvantages, as it is a star product that has been improved over time. However, in my experience using it, I highlight the following:

  • On the one hand, it is very dependent on shortcodes when it comes to building those exciting page layouts. It means you will lose them if you switch to another theme.
  • Perhaps the only downside is that you will only receive updates as long as you have an active subscription. Updates are free for many other premium themes, as they usually include security patches and other vital components.

Overall, it’s a good choice for the typical user who is not a programmer but wants to customize a website through a clean user interface.

Divi Theme: reviews

After testing several page builders on Full Marketing, we consider the Divi theme an easy and complete solution. The WordPress editor (Gutenberg) lacks the advanced customization features in Divi. I appreciate the simplicity of the default visual editor, but in many cases, I find it very restrictive. In contrast, Divi let you to style any element on your page.

Trustpilot review about Elegant Themes

And I’m not the only one who thinks so! Above I show you the score of this page builder on Trustpilot:

Full Marketing Agency’s score on Divi Theme

At Full Marketing, we have used Divi many times with our clients. It is a complete WordPress theme for creating websites, allowing you to use multiple modules to create a professional website. Here you can check our overall rating:

Divi Theme Rating
Customer Support
Quality-price ratio

Furthermore, it is necessary to highlight that, due to Divi‘s multiple advantages and quality, we become one of its affiliates in Full Marketing. If you purchase any of its plans through our links, we will get a commission for the sale.


As you have seen, Divi is a versatile solution that lives up to its name as an all-in-one WordPress theme. It is a flexible and easy-to-use solution with advanced customization features.

It’s important to remember that every WordPress page builder is flawed. They all have strengths and weaknesses, and you may choose one solution for one project but not others.

Likewise, Divi is such a feature-rich WordPress theme that listing them all in one review is impossible. To fully appreciate what you can do with Divi, look at the Divi Feature Showcase or try it out on Elegant Themes‘ Divi Demo page.

So, let’s get to work and get designing!

Frequently Asked Questions

Divi theme is the best solution for creating WordPress sites. You must purchase a valid license from Elegant Themes to use the Divi theme. Unlimited access for 1 year costs $89, and lifetime access costs $249.
Yes, you can use it on multiple sites. Each license will allow you to use it on unlimited websites.
The Divi theme is just that, a WordPress theme. Divi Builder is a visual page builder plugin that you can use with any other WordPress theme. However, starting with Divi 4.0 the two are merged, offering both a theme and a page builder plugin in one framework.
The code is built according to the best SEO and WordPress standards. Plus, it comes with built-in SEO functionality in case you're not using a third-party SEO plugin like Yoast. At the same time, it integrates seamlessly with all SEO plugins.
All Elegant Themes products receive 24/7 support 365 days a year via live chat and contact forms. Customer support is fast and quite helpful. For more details, you can check out the blog posts on the Elegant Themes site, visit their forum or join their Facebook group.

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